Janatha Group

We are a company with over three decades of growth, innovation and achievements but rest on our laurels, we will not. Our futuristic outlook as much as our ultra-modern processes and an unflinching commitment to high quality and prompt delivery are the elements that add up to not just customer satisfaction but customer delight. We have kept pace with the rapid advances in the fish based proteins market in as diverse a range as aqua feed, agro-products, neutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and more path breaking areas where on- going research is being carried out.

This has helped us carve a niche in the premier segment of the Industry and leapfrog over the competition.

We continuously keep pushing the boundaries in terms of exploring emerging markets and expanding and upgrading continuously. We have thus in the recent past expanded our production footprint both nationally and internationally. Innovation, product quality and dedicated customer service have helped us forge ahead from strength to strength.

Being inextricably linked to the sea we have an inherent understanding of the complex matter of sustainability and echo the sentiments of Daniel Pauly that, “Fisheries Science and Conservation Biology can achieve reconciliation, by accepting each other's essentials: that fishing should remain a viable occupation; and that aquatic ecosystems and their biodiversity are allowed to persist”. We ensure that the impact on the environment is minimal even as we improve production fields and maximize utilization of products.


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