Organic Fertilizers are Best for Flowering Plants

Organic Fertilizers are Best for Flowering Plants

Farmers and Gardeners have to consider many important aspects when growing Flowering Plants.  Fertilizers are one such important  aspect that farmers and gardeners consider. 

What is a fertilizer?

Fertilizers are natural material added to plants via soil or spray to provide nutrients to plants. 

How organic fertilizer can help in the good growth of flowering plants?

Organic fertilizers have organic amino acid, and required essential macro nutrients such as Nitrogen (N) , Phosphorous (P) & Potassium (K) along with trace micro nutrients. They also contain around 30-70% organic carbon. Organic carbon improves soil fertility and sustainability.

Which organic fertilizer should I use for flowering plants?

It is suggested to use amino acid rich fish fertilizer. Janatha Agro Amino Emerald is a amino rich solution for plants. The organic amino acid is easily absorbed by plants . It contain around 65 % -80 % of organic carbon.  Best for fast and healthy growth of plants.

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